Friday, 10 January 2014

Stuck in 2013

I think I´ve got stuck and can´t get into 2014.  Everyone seems to have new plans, projects and have new designs and patterns on their blogs and I can´t get moving.  I still haven´t found an embroidery sal with speciality stitches so until I get on into this new year, I´ve found in my stash a design by Lizzie Kate. It´s called  `A Good Marriage´ and I will make a start today.
On the subject of marriages, here is a photo of a hussif I made for my daughter years ago when she got married. 

This photo shows a little pocket to hold packets of needles or ribbons etc. and a very narrow pocket to hold a marking pen or crochet hooks.



I made a tiny crochet thimble holder and added a place to hold scissors.


There is another pocket on the reverse side.

Thimble holders

I have made several thimble pouches, they are so quick and easy to make and I think they look really nice in a hussif.

A tutorial for this Victorian thimble holder can be found at Julia´s Place.  I decided to add a few tiny beads.

I added a little scalloped edging to this one.

Front and back view of this little beaded amulet bag.   The pattern can be found at  The Rainysisters.

Thank you for visiting. Until next week.

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  1. soy una seguidora ,¿me gustaría saber si se vende el costurero donde viene una chica?


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