Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My First Biscornu

I haven´t had a very good week sewing wise.  Just when I had a few days with more free time for whatever - sewing in my case,  I seem to have too many plans and projects  in my head and can´t get started on anything. 
I did my week´s stitching on the Randje per Week sampler, only to discover that I hadn´t left the correct number of spaces between each stitching line.  I committed the unforgiveable error of not checking on my embroidery every so often and now it will have to be unpicked and redone. sigh!
For this post, I took a few photos of the first biscornu that I made years ago.

This is the Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu by The Sweetheart Tree. There is also a lovely little design for a scissor fob, which I might get to make one day.

This started out as a gift but when finished, I liked it so much - of course pink colours again - that I kept it for myself.

I added a small piece of ribbon so to hang the pincushion from my sewing machine.

This week I noticed with annoyance that yet again my posted comments to other blogs showed me as <no-reply>  This is the third time that this has happened since Christmas.  Google + randomly resets every so often and I can´t figure out what triggers it to change my settings.  Any ideas?
            Thank you for your company.


  1. Sorry, I can't be of help with the No Reply blogger thing, but wanted to tell you I love your Biscornu. It is just sweet. I can certainly see why you would keep it for yourself!
    Enjoy its use!

  2. Such a sweet little biscornu. I never made one but have lots of freebie patterns which I collected back then when biscornus came up. Whenever I see a lovely one like yours I'm determined to make one myself. But then something else comes my way ...

    I have no idea what happens there at Google+ but I find it very strange that they chnage the settings without your consent.

  3. The biscornu is lovely! A matching scissor fob would be nice.

  4. The biscornu is so sweet! Love the colors and your idea to have it handy at your sewing machine.

  5. What a lovely lovely biscornu....!!

  6. Very pretty:) No wonder you kept it. I would.

    No idea how to help with Google +. I tried to remove myself from it and I think I was successful. I found it annoying. Don't ask me how I did it because I don't remember.

  7. That biscornu is gorgeous. I had to turn off my google+ profile because it wouldn't let me post nicely. Now if I want to share something on google + I just add myself manually.


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